High definition surveillance camera solutions for your orchard, farm, or lifestyle property. Cameras can be placed at various locations and transmit back to a centrally located recorder. Monitoring farm assets or the arrival and departure of staff and visiting contractors adds a level of assurance to your productive business. Increasingly, power tools, fuel, motor bikes, and even produce is being targeted by thieves operating in rural communities. CCTV footage assists in identifying offenders and bringing them to prosecution. Each site is assessed for it’s unique needs and layout and a system designed accordingly.


CCTV is the new standard in home security as ageing alarm systems are made redundant by the affordability and features of a high definition security camera system. Receive real time alerts about activity in and around your home directly on your mobile phone. Check-in and see if your courier parcel has arrived or if your children have returned home from school for the day. Be confident when you are travelling away from home that all is well with the ability to view live cameras and recorded data from your phone, tablet, or any internet connected computer.



The ability to monitor your small business premise whether you are on or off site is a rewarding investment for many small business owners. Not only can you mitigate the possibility of theft of your stock or business assets, but you will have a useful tool to assist and understand your processes and customer interactions. Many small business owners are absent from the workplace while they are fronting sales activities and the ability to check-in from time to time on what is happening in the workplace is reassuring. You can also place cameras to monitor production processes or critical plant and machinery settings. Automated and non staffed businesses such as laundromats and car washes can be monitored by the absentee owner from any location.



Wide area surveillance camera systems have multiple uses in commercial business premises. From time and attendance recording, unmanned reception area monitoring, warehouse receival and dispatch monitoring, health and safety practice reviews, a network camera solution is available to assist and benefit commercial and industrial operations. CCTV Bay Of Plenty can consult, supply, and install a surveillance system tailored to specific needs and allowing different levels of access to various user groups. Relocation of construction site camera systems or hire of is also available.